‘Survive to the end.’ 

He remembered the words of the girl, and he repeated them over and over and over again; thousands, or even tens of thousands of times. 

For the past three years, he had lived according to her words. 

Whether she wanted it or not, she was already a part of his life. 

“Sarubia,” Rufus called her name. 

The maid flinched at the call as if she was not used to someone calling her name. 

“You said you were a saint. And you said you could predict the death of a person.”

“Ah… yes, you remember well.” 

“I need your help. So can I ask you one more thing?”

“What is it?” 

“My grandmother is here. She was originally ill, but her condition got worse because she was forced to come up to the capital from the outskirts. So…”

“No,” the maid cut off Rufus’s words. 

“You want to know about a family member’s death? I’m sorry, but that’s a little difficult.” 

The maid could know without hearing his explanation. This man wants to know how much longer his grandmother can hold out.

She could fully understand the mind of a blood relative. But…

“You… you probably can’t handle it. It is very painful to learn about death.”

Could one endure the pain they will experience when they learn that the life of a loved one will eventually come to an end? 

“Even if you know death, you can’t change it. I’m a powerless woman who can’t interfere with fate,” the maid turned her head with a bitter look. 

Rufus glanced at her.

“I know. Even a saint can’t resist fate.”

“And you’re still trying to find out? Why? It’ll make you more distressed.” 

“My parents died when I was seven,” Rufus spoke calmly. 

“Back then, I didn’t know my parents would die so early.” 

Rufus’s parents were initially people who lived in big cities. 

It was to inherit the baron’s title that they went to the nearby Inferna territory on the frontier. 

However, Rufus’s parents died even before they were crowned baron.

The Inferna estate was a wasteland. The climate and environment were not pleasant either. It was a place full of nasty pests centred on a high level of bitter water. 

Rufus’s parents were dying slowly, unable to adapt to the environment. 

Since Rufus’s brother, Edel, was born, his parents’ health has deteriorated at a rapid pace. 

And one day, without any notice, they never opened their eyes again. 

“I don’t want to send my grandmother that way. At least I wish I had time to prepare.” Rufus murmured.

“So please let me know when you see my grandmother’s death.” As he said that, Rufus had a little hope. 

Maybe… just maybe… Rufus really hoped that maybe his grandma could get through this year safely. 

“…okay,” the maid, who had not spoken for a while, nodded her head as if she had finally made up her mind. 

“Instead, I will tell you how long your grandmother will be alive. Don’t ask me anything else.”

“Yes. Thank you. ” 

It was what he wanted. Other information was not of interest. He just wanted to know how many days he had left to spend with his grandmother. 

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When he entered the annex with the maid, his brother Edel, who was hanging around at the door, popped out. 

“Brother! Where have you been? I was worried… ah?” 

Edel, who had seen the maid beside Rufus, stopped. When the maid smiled slightly, Edel’s ears were red as a beet.

“It’s my brother.” Rufus introduced Edel briefly to the maid. 

“Hello,” the maid greeted Edel with a big smile. 

Edel’s red-cooked face never cooled down. 

“Oh, hello. He, uh, I… it’s nice to meet you.” 

‘It tastes bad.’ Rufus glanced at Edel, who was looking at the maid without knowing what to do and could only swallow the bitterness on his tongue.

He couldn’t say she’s an absolute beauty, but the maid was an attractive woman with pure features and a fresh atmosphere. 

In addition, Edel has never met a woman of similar age on the Inferna estate in his life. 

So he probably fell in love at first sight. 

And Edel did not betray Rufus’s expectations. 

“Uh, you’re very pretty. Are you Princess Sordid?” When Edel said that, the maid burst into laughter.

“No, I’m a maid who works at the princess’s palace. Please speak at ease.” 

“You, a maid? No, a maid… really?” 

“Stop it.” Rufus, who could not bear to watch it, stopped his brother’s disgrace at this point. 

“Stay in your room for a second. I’ll be back after I see our grandmother.” 

“Eh, Grandma? Why? Are you two getting married? Are you getting grandma’s permission to marry?” 

“If you don’t want to kick the duvet tonight, jump right into your room now.”1 

Rufus drove Edel upstairs, who was continually talking nonsense. 

“I’m sorry. He’s still young and a bit immature.” 

As Edel’s figure drifted over the stairs, Rufus sighed as he looked back at the maid. 

“It’s okay. Your brother is cute,” the maid glanced gently in the direction where Edel had disappeared. 


“Yes. What’s your brother’s name?” 

“Why are you asking?” Rufus asked bluntly. 

It was on impulse.2 

She didn’t even ask for his name. 

In response, the maid only smiled. 

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[rant]Poor Rufus! She asked for his brother’s name… I think Edel might really kick the bucket if this goes on. (づ  ̄ ³ ̄)づ
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  1. Or: Kick the blanket (이불 걷어차고 / 이불킥). It means you are so ashamed or angry about something you did before that you can’t sleep and kick your blanket in frustration. (Thank God Google exists…)

    I really liked ‘kick the duvet’ for some reason… don’t ask me why, it just sounds so poetic (੭*ˊᵕˋ)੭

    At first, I thought Rufus said ‘kick the bucket’ lol

  2. 언짧았다; 짧았다 means short, as in short thinking, not thinking much or not thinking deeply.


  1. Thank you so much for translating it! TT^TT You can listen to ‘always’ by mysm or if you want to try some Kpop then runaway from txt. Or if you like piano then ‘river flows in you’ by yurima! ^ ^

  2. Ouch what a cliffy. Hope she’s got healing powers. Thanx for the translation. I’m looking forward to the princesses reaction. And am curious why the mc is so indifferent to the ml.

  3. Another prediction time , the maid is actually a time travel, or she doesnt see when someone dies but she sees like his future memories or something. But when she have read the mcs she saw his name and didnt ask. But didnt see the little brother


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