Chapter 2 – Hero Rufus’ Story


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Rufus joined the punitive forces according to the king’s command. 

He was a rural youth who had no experience holding a sword other than the basics. 

Moreover, the mana he was born with was not very strong for an aristocrat. He did not even have the power to fight against normal demons, let alone their king. 

It was a battlefield to die; and in fact, he had been through a lot. 

He was almost bitten by the sharp teeth of a demon, but Rufus survived persistently because he believed what a maid called Sarubia had told him. 

‘You will not die until the subjugation is over.’ 

Because she said so. It has to be. 

He won’t die. He can’t die. 

He will survive to the end.

That’s how he made up his mind. And he lived like that. 

There was nothing he couldn’t do to live. He ate other people’s food and secretly replaced their strong armour with his own. 

There was a time when he managed to avoid a mana search by hiding under the body of a dead comrade. Some have accused him of abandoning the pride of the nobility over such behaviour. 

But Rufus didn’t care – it wasn’t wrong anyway. 

He had nothing left. 

It’s been a long time since he has forgotten his noble origins. 

‘I must not die. I have to survive.’ These thoughts have taken control over Rufus’s head. 

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Three years have passed like that. 

The young man who couldn’t even control his mana properly was nowhere to be seen. He was no longer impressed at the sight of demons roaring with their hideous teeth. 

Rufus’s body, which once trembled over a drop of blood, was already stained with it from head to toe. 

All he had left was his primitive instinct for survival. 

Rufus, appointed as platoon leader of the subjugation force, made brilliant contributions. 

The screams of the demons no longer irritated his ears and he felt no pain anymore when they scratched him with their claws.

Swinging, stabbing, cutting and killing – he ran by instincts. 

And finally — Rufus faced the Demon King Audisus. 

King Audisus had the appearance of a stout human. 

Though he was in the form of a mortal, Rufus was not deceived. 

He had been chasing him for the past three years. How could he be fooled now? 

“Human, what do you want?” 

Realizing that his metamorphosis was not working on Rufus, Audisus hurriedly opened his mouth.

Now there was not a single tribe left by the demon king’s side. For the past three years, all of them have been exterminated by humans. 

The Devil Audisus, who once terrorized humans, knelt before a mere human and began to beg for his life. 

“Do you want riches? We will give you all the treasures of our palace. Just let us go.” 

“Not required.” 

“If not, is it fame? We will let you obtain it through the witches under our command.” 

“Not interested.”

“Or would you like to change……” 

“Shut up,” replied Rufus, who raised the sword over his head. 

“Just give me your fucking neck! I can’t wait to leave this fucking battlefield!” 

Rufus’ sword struck sharply. 


The body of King Audisus collapsed like a rotten old tree. At the same time as his life was cut off, his true self was revealed. Two red eyes, as if the blood still hadn’t coagulated. A monster with large horns and hideous teeth. 

It was a scene that caused the viewer to feel nauseated and repulsed.

But Rufus could not feel any excitement when he saw the hideous thing. He was already worn. 

Damaged, worn-down, broken. 

For the past three years, he had rolled like a dog, solely with the will to survive. All that’s left for Rufus are his dried tears, the rusty feelings, and the instinct to kill in order to live. 

“Ha ha.”

With a dejected laugh, Rufus looked down at the sword stained with dainty blood. 

That’s it. The demon king was dead. 

The war against the Asmodian race was over. 

At that moment, Rufus suddenly recalled a maid named Sarubia. 

‘Survive to the end.’ 

The maid, whom he had shared such terrible kisses with, never changed her countenance until the end. 

A woman who made fun of him with a smile all the time and left without even asking for his name. 

“Shit.” Rufus’s hand, holding the sword, trembled.

He shouldn’t have thought of her face at this moment. What on earth did he come here for? 

Why did he left his sick grandmother and young brother at home and came to this bloody hell? 

Because he wanted to take her, Princess Sordid, as his wife. At first, he thought it was a grand goal that could not be achieved, but not anymore. 

He killed the demon king, and he ended the war. 

As promised by the king, Princess Sordid was now his.

But now, it wasn’t Princess Sordid, but a mere maid, who came up before his eyes. 

‘Why on earth… just why?’ 

“Captain Rufus!” 

Came the voices of his men from behind. 

“Did you take care of the devil?” 

The men who saw the devil’s body lying on the floor were terrified. Some turned their heads in disgust. 

Rufus gave orders calmly. 

“Get me a sack.” 

It was really over now. 

If he went back to the capital and report to the king that he had dealt with the devil, the life on this weary battlefield will end. 

Instead of his afflicted men, he was taking care of the king’s head and saw something glistening from the devil’s clothes. 

‘What is this?’ 

Rufus frowned and rolled it with his feet.

It was a piece the size of a walnut. At first, he thought it was a jewel. But it had an unusual feature that ordinary gemstones could not produce. 

When he looked closely, the light in the piece was shaking as if it were alive. 

Rufus recognized it at once. 

‘It’s a mana stone.’ 

Mana Stone. A mysterious stone, containing the mana of the demon race, that only they could produce. 

Rufus, who had dealt with numerous demons for the past three years, has seen many mana stones. However, it was the first magic stone to emit such a large and intense light.

Besides, if it’s the Mana Stone that the demon king had, it must be no ordinary object. 

Rufus, who picked up the demon king’s mana stone, looked down at it, which glowed like a sunset. 

“It’s Sarubia.” Again, her voice rang in his ears. 

“That’s a strange name, isn’t it? Sarubia is a red flower but my hair is ivory.” 

It was a beautiful red-coloured mana stone. It went very well with her name. 

‘Would she like it if I gave it to her?’ Such a ridiculous idea struck him at that moment. 

It was a beautiful jewel with no flaws, except that it was recovered from the dead body of a demon. 

The maid, who was a commoner, probably has never owned such a jewel before. 

Looking down at the Mana Stone for a moment, Rufus took it away. Then he thrust the blood-stained king’s head into the sack as if nothing had happened. 

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Soon a bell rang to announce the end of the war in the kingdom of Hevnia. 

On the day of the proclamation, it was Rufus who dedicated the head of the Demon King Audisus to the king.

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  1. Thank you thank you for your hardwork. I felt the tiredness in his speech lol. The male lead is really something. I like him there is no hesitation at all. Lots of love to the author and translator

    1. The ML is really suffering a lot in the first book, from beginning to end, there is no grace for him at all *heartbreak* Let’s all lit a candle for Rufus LOL
      Lot’s of love to you, the reader! <3

  2. Thank you for your translations 🥺💓💓💓this is one of most interesting novel I’m currently reading. If I may, can you tell me how many chapters in this novel?

    1. I’m glad you like it! The Original Story has 144 Chapters in total. About 7+ or so are probably Extra Chapters. So the Story should be wrapped up at about 135+. Since I’m not following the Chapters but the book (4 5 in total) I follow the chapters in the book and break them up at my own leisure and try to give you so little cliff-hangers as possible (cannot avoid all of them though!). I cannot tell for now how many chapters that will make the translation in total (maybe more, maybe less) since some book chapters are suuuper short and others are suuuper long *ugh*

  3. Thank you for your hard work!!!

    I hope the website transfer wasn’t too costly or troublesome. I myself don’t have that much experience with this stuff so this just goes over my head.

    I can’t wait to read the next chapter, but don’t over work yourself!

  4. Thank you so much for the translations🤧 I hope that you wouldn’t drop this series cuz I absolutely love it!🥺
    lol Now finally we can see the king realize and the drama will now begin🥳

  5. Why couldn’t he take the riches from mr. demon king and come back for his family.And kill the human king. Oh well. Thanx for the chapter 🙂

  6. I realize he is probably talking about his dead comrades’ armor and not literally switching out living comrades’ armor, because they would notice.

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