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The appearance of the mouse standing in front of Rufus’ feet shone red. Its body fell apart like powder, forming back into a large shape. Then, a woman appeared in front of Rufus.

“I am the witch Orth you have been looking for.”

The woman with waving red hair stood proudly in front of Rufus.
She has a face that cannot be judged by age, scarlet red eyes and a black curse mark on her forehead.

She was just how Rufus remembered her.

“What is it that pushes my cute little son into such excruciating pain?”
She spoke softly, but she was by no means a friendly person.
A demon, a witch closest to the demon king – his right arm, so to speak.

She had fulfilled her duty even after the death of the Demon King Audisus and annihilated numerous humans until her last breath. She was not an easy target to look down upon, so Rufus bowed politely.

“Witch Orth, I want to make a deal with you.”

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After joining the subjugation army, Rufus stood in front of his platoon1.

“From now on, I am this platoon’s commander, Rufus.” Hearing Rufus’s greeting, his soldiers shook their heads. It wasn’t surprising. He had the same reaction in his past life.

The reason was simple:

‘What kind of platoon leader is a kid who hasn’t killed a single demon yet!’

‘Is it true that he became a platoon leader just because he is born a noble!?’

All of Rufus’ platoon members resented him. And they were right. Rufus had been an inexperienced, incompetent commander. He was appointed as a platoon leader purely because of his lineage and the king’s orders.

Rufus couldn’t handle his sword correctly and had inadequate control of his magic. His incompetence took the lives of many platoon members. Therefore, Rufus understood their dissatisfied gazes toward him.

But he won’t tolerate it just because he understands it.

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Chapter 5. The story of the illegitimate child Iroel and the witch Orth 

Rufus returned to the Inferna estate and prepared to join the subjugation army. Demons mainly appeared on the outskirts of the kingdom. The subjugation forces applied all their firepower to get rid of the demons.

But now that he thought about it, it was the wrong strategy. The demon king was leading the legion. You have to hit the demon king, their leader, not the junk, to stop the war.

The Demon King was well aware that humans had raised an army to capture the demon tribe. So he cleverly hid while he was leading the demons.

In his previous life, Rufus could only catch the demon king after chasing him for three years. The demons were clever and intelligent. They totally toyed with humans.

Three years.

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“Don’t cry. Your handsome face is all wrinkled.”

Sarubia couldn’t understand why she comforted a stranger she had met for the first time. But for some reason, the moment she touched him, her stomach tickled gently. It felt like something was blooming brightly above her head.

Therefore… She just hoped he wasn’t sad anymore. For such a long time, she soothed and comforted the man.


The man with his face hardened from crying called out her name. Unfamiliar with it, Sarubia flinched, then slowly raised her head.

“Do you have anything to say to me?”

“I am leaving for the battlefield soon.”

“Ah, yes.” Even Sarubia was vaguely aware of that.

Recently, all the young aristocrats who came to have an audience with His Majesty were dragged away to the demon subjugation army. Perhaps this nobleman was one of them.

Sarubia thought that the reason the man was crying must have something to do with it. After all, going to war must have been equivalent to a death sentence to a young nobleman who is still healthy and has a bright future.

He was a man in need of comfort. Sarubia, thinking so lightly, decided to take a peek at the man’s death.

‘…Hmm?’ Sarubia, who watched the man’s death using the saint’s unique magic, halted.

It was a strange death.

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Chapter 4. The Story of Platoon Leader Rufus

“…Then I will appoint you as the platoon leader of the Asmodian Subjugation Army.”

Someone’s voice could be heard.

“Bring me the Devil Audisus’ head, and I will give the Princess to you as a wife.”

It was the king, wearing a purple robe, while he sat on his throne, stroking his beard.

Rufus raised his head and stared blankly at the king, who was still alive. The king, killed by Baroness Inferna, was alive and well.

This was really…

“What are you staring at? You can step back now.” The king waved his hand, expressing his blatant displeasure. Rufus, roused by this, raised himself.

As he stepped outside after a brief encounter with the king, the soldier standing sentry bluntly said: “The way out is over there.”

“…” Rufus watched the royal soldier silently.

“What business do you still have?”

“The Demon King Audisus.”


“Where is the Demon King?”

“How would I know that? The extermination force has just been dispatched.” The soldier muttered in displeasure. He seemed offended by the question.

That’s right. The Demon King was still alive.

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