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“Don’t cry. Your handsome face is all wrinkled.”

Sarubia couldn’t understand why she comforted a stranger she had met for the first time. But for some reason, the moment she touched him, her stomach tickled gently. It felt like something was blooming brightly above her head.

Therefore… She just hoped he wasn’t sad anymore. For such a long time, she soothed and comforted the man.


The man with his face hardened from crying called out her name. Unfamiliar with it, Sarubia flinched, then slowly raised her head.

“Do you have anything to say to me?”

“I am leaving for the battlefield soon.”

“Ah, yes.” Even Sarubia was vaguely aware of that.

Recently, all the young aristocrats who came to have an audience with His Majesty were dragged away to the demon subjugation army. Perhaps this nobleman was one of them.

Sarubia thought that the reason the man was crying must have something to do with it. After all, going to war must have been equivalent to a death sentence to a young nobleman who is still healthy and has a bright future.

He was a man in need of comfort. Sarubia, thinking so lightly, decided to take a peek at the man’s death.

‘…Hmm?’ Sarubia, who watched the man’s death using the saint’s unique magic, halted.

It was a strange death.

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Princess Sordid, on the advice of her nanny, decided to invite Rufus to her palace. 

‘I’m sure he’s a rough, rustic man.’ 

Dressed up by five maids at the same time, the princess grumbled.

‘I’ll deal with it properly and send him back. The public is still confused, so if I tell them we decided on a later marriage, they’ll eat it.’ 

The princess, who thought so, went out to the garden in the backyard of her palace. 

“What about that man?” 

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