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The appearance of the mouse standing in front of Rufus’ feet shone red. Its body fell apart like powder, forming back into a large shape. Then, a woman appeared in front of Rufus.

“I am the witch Orth you have been looking for.”

The woman with waving red hair stood proudly in front of Rufus.
She has a face that cannot be judged by age, scarlet red eyes and a black curse mark on her forehead.

She was just how Rufus remembered her.

“What is it that pushes my cute little son into such excruciating pain?”
She spoke softly, but she was by no means a friendly person.
A demon, a witch closest to the demon king – his right arm, so to speak.

She had fulfilled her duty even after the death of the Demon King Audisus and annihilated numerous humans until her last breath. She was not an easy target to look down upon, so Rufus bowed politely.

“Witch Orth, I want to make a deal with you.”

“If you want to make a deal, do it fairly. It’s really not polite to play with life like this.” Orth looked down at her son Iroel, sweating in pain, with pitiful eyes. “Does it hurt a lot, my son?”

“I think I’m going to die…”

“That’s why mom told you not to eat food from strangers.” Having said that, she glared at Rufus with resentful eyes.

“I apologize for poisoning your son. I could only think of this way to talk to you.”

“Okay – You mentioned a deal? Let’s hear it.”

After that, she raised her son up with magic. Iroel, who floated in the air, looked at his mother and moaned: “Mother, don’t listen to him…”

“Roel, you stay put. I’ll listen to what this man says first, and then I’ll make a decision.” Orth comforted and wiped away Iroel’s sweat. “If he asks for something ridiculous, I can still kill him and take the antidote, right?” With that added, Witch Orth grinned.

“It’s not an outrageous deal. I will ask you a very reasonable favour.”

“Realy? So, what do you want?”

Orth began secretly drawing a magic circle behind her back. She was thinking of turning this man into a toad immediately if he made an outrageous request, such as surrendering the head of the demon king to him. Her bright red mana bloomed silently and deathly.

However, the man’s request was extraordinary and surprisingly bold: “I want to face the demon lord Audisus. Please take me to the Demon Castle.”

To the Demon Castle? Hearing Rufus’ request, the witch Orth froze in a daze, then burst into laughter.

“I don’t know what your intention is, but that’s absolutely not possible. If I take an insignificant human like you to the Demon King, I will be scolded.”

“Demon King Audisus already knows me.”

The witch Odd’s laughter, which echoed ominously in her tent, abruptly cut off.

“Our King knows you? What are you talking about?” Orth’s eyes bent in an arc.

“Literally what I said.”

“Do not lie. The Demon King I serve does not build friendships with humans.”

“I never said we were friends. But I’ve definitely met the Demon King Audisus. He will know me too.”

It definitely should be so.

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While staying at the Inferna Estate, Rufus looked through all the magic books. He discovered a matching magic circle like that one the demon king’s ghost had drawn in front of Sarubia’s tomb.
The demon king’s ghost should have crossed the magic circle with Rufus.

A magic circle that turns back time was created with the demons’ cursed magic. Those who cross the magic circle preserve all their memories and return intact to the past.
Although in the form of a spectre, the demon king Audisus likewise crossed the magic circle. So he will definitely remember Rufus.

“Can’t believe it? In that case, go directly to the demon lord Audisus and ask him.”

Witch Orth narrowed her eyes at Rufus’ strong attitude.

Rufus knows that she is Iroel’s mother. Among humans, only Iroel’s biological father, Viscount Eustace, knew the secret story of Iroel’s birth. However, this man named Rufus, who had never met Viscount Eustace, knew that fact. Moreover, he came fully prepared to take advantage of this and took Iroel hostage. Judging from the facts, Rufus is not an ordinary person. Above all, looking at those determined eyes, it seemed that the statement that he had met the demon king Audisus was not a complete lie.

What the hell is this human being?

“What are you going to do after meeting the Demon King?”

“You will find out when it’s time. It is also beneficial to the demons. Especially your son.”

Fine then.

“This is amusing.” Witch Orth smirked and held out her hand towards Rufus. “Fine. I don’t know your intentions, but let’s ask the Demon King. I can’t say if the Demon King will meet with a human like you, though.”

“Thank you.” Rufus tossed the antidote he was holding towards Orth.
After drinking the antidote, Iroel’s blood began to flow slowly through his veins.

“If the Demon King permits it, I will come to see you tonight. If it works, my son will guide you.”

Confirming that Iroel’s status was improving, the witch Orth raised a canine smile at Rufus. At the same time, the magic that had lifted him up suddenly cut off, and Iroel fell to the bare ground with a loud thud.

“Shit…” Iroel sighed and let out a heavy breath.

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Bad News keep on happening. I won’t bore you with them.
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More chapters to come. I will try to take out some to translate.
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