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The appearance of the mouse standing in front of Rufus’ feet shone red. Its body fell apart like powder, forming back into a large shape. Then, a woman appeared in front of Rufus.

“I am the witch Orth you have been looking for.”

The woman with waving red hair stood proudly in front of Rufus.
She has a face that cannot be judged by age, scarlet red eyes and a black curse mark on her forehead.

She was just how Rufus remembered her.

“What is it that pushes my cute little son into such excruciating pain?”
She spoke softly, but she was by no means a friendly person.
A demon, a witch closest to the demon king – his right arm, so to speak.

She had fulfilled her duty even after the death of the Demon King Audisus and annihilated numerous humans until her last breath. She was not an easy target to look down upon, so Rufus bowed politely.

“Witch Orth, I want to make a deal with you.”

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