How to Rewrite History


Leon is Prince Charming. Peasant Ellie is the virtuous heroine. And Dahlia is the antagonist who will stand in-between their love until she was struck by gods wrath and die without being cried after. The foreordained couple thus lived happily ever after. Their story was as easy as this. 

‘How to Become Princess Consort’ was my very own first published work. The book that turned me from some no-name blogger into an author when I was still in Highschool. I was lucky to strike the iron while it was still hot. The genre was at its peak; romance, princes and princesses, overcoming hardships and fate together… a happy ending, resulting in a dreamy morganatic marriage was every young maiden’s daydream that time. My improved Cinderella Story became one of the greatest heart-throb online hits that time, but it eventually faded away in an endless stream of new releases. My work was nothing special, had no big conspiracies or any mind bugging twist and turns, so it got forgotten over time, but I could never forget. There was a reason I couldn’t. It was Dahlia.

As I became older, I realised that I did a horrible thing to Dahlia, whom I created solely to be the rival girl, a mere tool for the plot to continue on. Years after the release, I re-read my book from the view of a matured and more seasoned author and felt the stinging sensation of guilt.

I told myself: If only I could rewrite history… 


Historical Romance, Drama


Transmigration, Royalty, Nobles, Tragedy, Character Growth, Slow Love, Female Lead, Different POVs, Misunderstanding, Side Pairings, Your Typical Villainess Trope, Second Chance at Failing


Character Death; Violence; Contains Depictions of Homosexuality, Child Abuse, Incest, Psychological Abuse

If you feel triggered by homosexuality or demand to be warned about it beforehand, I think it is best for us all if you just leave this place quietly. Thanks.

Table of Content: 

Chapter 01 – The Me in the Mirror
Chapter 02 – Before We Met
Chapter 03 – Thank you… Papa.
Chapter 04 –
Chapter 05 –

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