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“Don’t cry. Your handsome face is all wrinkled.”

Sarubia couldn’t understand why she comforted a stranger she had met for the first time. But for some reason, the moment she touched him, her stomach tickled gently. It felt like something was blooming brightly above her head.

Therefore… She just hoped he wasn’t sad anymore. For such a long time, she soothed and comforted the man.


The man with his face hardened from crying called out her name. Unfamiliar with it, Sarubia flinched, then slowly raised her head.

“Do you have anything to say to me?”

“I am leaving for the battlefield soon.”

“Ah, yes.” Even Sarubia was vaguely aware of that.

Recently, all the young aristocrats who came to have an audience with His Majesty were dragged away to the demon subjugation army. Perhaps this nobleman was one of them.

Sarubia thought that the reason the man was crying must have something to do with it. After all, going to war must have been equivalent to a death sentence to a young nobleman who is still healthy and has a bright future.

He was a man in need of comfort. Sarubia, thinking so lightly, decided to take a peek at the man’s death.

‘…Hmm?’ Sarubia, who watched the man’s death using the saint’s unique magic, halted.

It was a strange death.

Standing in front of Sarubia, this man faces the most incomprehensible death she has ever seen.

A man dressed in pitch black from head to toe. This man was doomed to die very, very late. His death was a story so far in the future that Sarubia, at this point, could not even feel it.

Still, the man did not look very old. And there was something even more bizarre than that. The dying man was holding someone’s hand.
And within the tip of his gaze, her own figure was reflected.

At the moment of his death, this man was looking at her!

‘Huh?’ Sarubia’s heart sank. Why was this man holding her hand when he died? Sarubia, after recollecting her own magic, looked at the man standing in front of her hastily.

He was like a tree. A collected impression was revealed under his dark ultramarine hair. He looked so dull that he probably wouldn’t make a single sound of pain even if she hit him. He seems like a cold and bitter man.

Still, somehow, the moment she looked at him, her heart pounded.
Unknowingly, Sarubia’s face lit up. Like this, she realized that
her presence at a man’s deathbed could mean only one thing:

‘This man is mine.’


“Yes… yes?” Sarubia lifted her head up like a startled chick.

“I will kill the Demon Lord Audisus.”

At those words, Sarubia’s heart stung as if it had been pierced by a needle. He will kill the Demon King, he said? Did this man also have only Princess Sordid in his heart? Was he going to kill the Demon King so he could take the princess as his wife? Sarubia’s head hurts as if she drank sour wine.

“I see. Killing the Demon King is not going to be easy, but be strong!” Sarubia forced herself to smile and patted him on the shoulder.

But then, strange words came out of his mouth: “So, if I come back after killing the Demon King, won’t you marry me?”

“… what?” Sarubia doubted her ears.

Marriage. Did he just ask for her hand in marriage? It’s been less than 10 minutes since they have met.
Embarrassed, Sarubia called out his mistake. “Excuse me, nobleman! I’m not the princess! You have to say this to the princess!”

“It’s Rufus.”

“Ruf… I beg your pardon?”

“My name is Rufus.”

The man grabbed Sarubia’s hand, which had pat his shoulder, tightly. Then he slowly kissed the back of her hand. The soft gesture brushed Sarubia’s skin. It was a feeling she had never felt before. Her heart skipped.

“Ah, you…!”

“I can hear the answer to my proposal later.” Rufus politely released her hand.

Sarubia looked at Rufus blankly.

“You… Do you like me?”


“Why, though?”

“Because there is no reason not to like you.” Rufus, who replied bluntly, picked up the broom that Sarubia had dropped.

“I will be back.” He handed the broomstick to the stiff Sarubia and bid her goodbye.

He had to join the subjugation army. And he had to kill the Demon King as soon as possible. Only then will he be able to come back to her.


Sarubia, rendered motionless like a statue, looked at Rufus’s back, which was getting farther away. After staring at him for a while, she started running with a sudden thought.


Rufus turned his head. He saw Sarubia holding up her skirt and running recklessly towards him.

“You… you won’t…!”

Sarubia, sprinting with all her might, came in front of Rufus, gasping for breath and holding his hand tight. Then she shouted: “I mean, you won’t die until the subjugation is over!”

The figure of Rufus was reflected in those beautiful golden eyes that looked like the stars would fall at any moment.
Finding himself reflected in her eyes, Rufus closely examined Sarubia, who ran in front of him.


‘Really, even if the past changes, you’re still the same.’

Sarubia, who interpreted Rufus’ silence in a different direction, hurriedly added: “Don’t you believe me? Well, actually, I am…”

“No, I believe you.” Rufus interrupted Sarubia.

He knew. Sarubia is a saint. The sign of the saint on her shoulder was the evidence. But he wanted to pretend he didn’t know.
Sarubia broke one taboo after another for Rufus and already died once.
It was her second chance he had obtained through so many difficulties by borrowing the hands of the devil. He didn’t want to lose her again.

“I’m glad you believe me! You know, you will surely come back alive! So, don’t be depressed, and be strong!”

Sarubia clenched her fists and cheered for Rufus. How trivial and cute was the way she tried to give him strength with her two tiny fists.
Rufus reached out to Sarubia’s face. Then he stroked her cheek, which was hot from running from afar.

“Are you going to kiss me?” Sarubia looked at Rufus and asked.

“…I didn’t mean to.”

Rufus, who wiped the dust off Sarubia’s lips with his finger, muttered tremblingly: “If I kissed you right now, would you hate it?”

“Well, it depends on how you do.” Sarubia took the hand that had caressed her cheek with a bashful smile and closed her eyes. At her signal, Rufus bowed his head towards her.

Their warmth overlapped each other.

A feeling of satisfaction that was unlikely to be ever filled tickled his heart and mind arbitrarily.

He suppressed the urge to grab and run away with her right away. He wanted to take her to a secluded place far away from here. To a quiet and safe place where there are no demons, no demon king, no king and no Princess Sordid…
Even if that place was a prison, if he could hold her hand and look at the same future with her, that alone would make him happy.

A gentle wind blew through their hair and disappeared.

“You pass.” As Rufus slowly pulled away, Sarubia whispered.

“… what is the criteria?”

“My heart.”

“I can’t tell how you feel.”

“Actually, I don’t know either.” With her bright red tongue out, Sarubia winked nimbly at Rufus. “I’m going back to work now. It was fun meeting you.”

Leaving such a comment, Sarubia politely bowed to Rufus.

“I hope you survive until the end.”


Rufus watched Sarubia, who disappeared into Princess Sordid’s palace, silently. In the meantime, he traced his lips that still had the remains of her warmth.

Everything about her was so bright that he wanted to cry right away.

Like a butterfly dancing softly in the spring breeze, Sarubia’s smile flew into Rufus’ chest. How much more lovely will she become in the future?

Take his word for it.1

“… I’m going crazy.”

[(◍>◡<◍)♡ Visit me @ www.millenniumsnow.com ♡]

Rufus, who was leaving the palace in a carriage, eventually couldn’t stand it and buried his face in one hand.

For real, darn it all.2

‘There is no reason not to love you.’

The wheels of the wagon kicked the ground. The sound of the horseshoes struck Rufus’ chest. He turned toward the palace, where Sarubia still remains.

“—I’ll be back,” Rufus whispered quietly to himself.

He could still feel the scent of Sarubia on his fingertips.

It seemed that if he stretched out his arms, he could embrace her at any moment. He would be able to kiss her once more if he wanted to.

But not yet. Rufus can’t go back to her yet. There was an order from the king to join the subjugation army.
The Demon King was alive and well, while the war with the demons was not over yet.
He cannot escape the battlefield. He must end the war to return to Sarubia’s side.

Rufus just hoped that she would remember his name and not forget it until the end of the war. The same as he never has forgotten her name.

– End of Chapter 4 –

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Guys! This is the End of Chapter 4! And this means… I’ve translated 50% of the 1st book…. (tf, this is like… nothing…. ಠ_ಠ) Where is this story heading to? I don’t know myself! Next chapter, Rufus will be going to war! ⚆ _ ⚆

This chapter has been brought to you by a kind sould who supported me through ko-fi and filled the bar for an extra chapter (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Thank you so much to everyone who sent me some love ♡♡ I didn’t think I would make another post until the end of the year, but this caffeine shot made me rush to upload another chapter (ง’̀-‘́)ง

When I first started, I believed I would be much much faster than this (I just planned to do some minor adjustments and post the MTL while I am reading the story – but then I couldn’t bear with the state the sentences were in and started to rewrite whole sentences and re-do structures – I know I still made lots of mistakes (ಥ﹏ಥ)

Since this is an excellent time, I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance! ♡♡♡
Stay healthy and have a wonderful time with your family and friends!

See you soon! *:・゚✧♡

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  1. 정말이지 (Multiple meanings, Could also be ‘Darn it, for sure’ (?)
  2. 정말이지 – again, same sentence as the above with multiple ways to translate.


  1. Thank you very much for your hard work! The story is going really well and I’m so excited to see what happens next ❤️

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