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“That’s why I told you. When you see someone who’s in pain, it’s natural to help.”

The maid made a beaming smile like a sunflower.


Rufus couldn’t say anything, as an indescribable feeling arose in his heart. 

The faces of his grandmother and younger brother came to his mind.

A sense of relief, hope, and a new dream. If he doesn’t die in the war against the demons; if he could return home with his limbs intact…

Maybe, really, maybe…

“Then cheer up. Don’t be too nervous. You’re a nobleman, so you must have strong mana.”

After that remark, the maid tried to return to where she had left the broom.


Rufus hurriedly grabbed her sleeve.

“What’s your name?”

“My name?”

Asked by Rufus, the maid opened her eyes wide in surprise. But just for a moment.

“It’s Sarubia.”

She soon put on a friendly smile.


“Yes, it’s Sarubia.”

The maid, who stopped at the spot in an awkward position, smirked.

“That’s a strange name, isn’t it? Sarubia is a red flower but my hair is ivory.”

“It’s not strange. I’ll remember it.”

“You don’t have to. Just remember that I’m a maid working at Princess Sordid’s Palace.”

“No, I will surely remember your name. I’ll repay you for your kindness after the war.” Rufus insisted firmly.

Sarubia sighed lightly at the end of Rufus’ words.

“Well, I won’t stop you if you want to, but could you do it now instead?”


“Yes, I want something.”

This time, Rufus expressed disapproval. The person he was now was broke.

He was a poor noble who has nothing to spare, except for the humble title of Baron he will inherit in the future.

So what could he do for this maid?


Since he has nothing, there is nothing to share.

No matter what the maid asked for, he was ready to apologize as politely as possible.

“Kiss me, please.”


“You said you’d pay me back, didn’t you? I want to kiss you.” The maid said playfully.


Rufus raised his eyebrow.

It was an unexpected answer.

Rufus had already steeled his heart so he wouldn’t be surprised if she asked him to buy her a house in the capital.

But kissing, what the hell was this?

“…may I ask why?”

“Why? Because you’re handsome.”

“For that reason only?”

“What do you mean, that’s the only reason? How precious is the privilege of kissing a handsome man?” The maid grinned.

“So, I’ll be blessed. Are you not going to?”

The maid playfully urged Rufus.

“I never thought you would ask me this kind of request…”

Rufus spoke his mind frankly.

“Me, too. I just thought of it. You should thank your handsome face.”

The maid smiled and walked towards Rufus, and she wound her arms around his shoulder.

Soft warmth touched Rufus’ chest, which had hardened like a stone statue.

At first, he didn’t realize what was going on.

However, the feeling of his lips being covered and his breath being caught was so strange.

He couldn’t help feeling it.

‘What the hell?’ Rufus was confused by the maid’s incomprehensible behaviour.

His head was spinning.

In the eyes of a person who couldn’t even blink, the face of a girl with her eyes closed was embedded.

Then an impulse arose.

It was a very trivial and shameful impulse.

The fate of being driven to war, being torn away from loved ones, and having to roll around like a dog on the battlefield…

As of today, Rufus will lose everything he has. He knew. And he thought it’d be okay to be greedy for one last time.

Would it be okay to hang on to this woman a little more?

He knew that the thought itself was impolite to the other party.

Still, Rufus could not contain the urge. It was because the small body that hugged him was too warm.

Yeah. She started it first.

Rufus clasped the maid in his arms.

Then he poured out mixed kisses.

The maid was bewildered by Rufus’ sudden action for a moment but soon leaned against him with her hands on his chest.

Their lips were barely touching.

It was his first time. He was clumsy. And most of all, he hated it. Taking advantage of the warmth of this person.

Still, he couldn’t stop.

A hot burning breath, a sense of unkindness, and clumsy hands moving around heartrendingly. She accepted all this without saying a word.

It wasn’t long before Rufus let her go.

“You’re really bad at it.”

Just as he was catching his breath, these words popped out of the maid’s mouth first.

Rufus blushed unconsciously. “Don’t make fun of me.”

“You should try harder. Your future wife could be disappointed.”


Rufus looked at the maid without saying anything.

What should he do now?

It was an impulsive act. After calming down again, he felt guilty and responsible.

It struck him that he didn’t want to leave this maid here.

“You’re not wondering if you should marry me just because you’ve kissed me, are you?”

The maid hit the bulls-eye at the stupidly standing Rufus.

“Oh… no.” The pricked Rufus flung his tongue, but the maid burst into laughter.

“Cute. Even naive! How old are you?”

“Older than you!”

“Well, you certainly look older than me. “

Such a gracious maid began to twirl her hair in a relaxed way. As if nothing had happened, she even began singing.

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If I die,

I’ll become a drop of rain.

I’ll wash away your tears.

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The tone and melody were refreshing and lively, but the lyrics were depressing.

“What song is this?” Asked Rufus, who was listening to her song silently.

“A lullaby.”


What do you mean, ‘If I die’? Which parent in the world would sing such a song for their child? Rufus frowned unconsciously. But the maid didn’t care at all.

“I’m going back to work now. It was nice meeting you.”

After singing, the maid bowed politely to Rufus.

“Survive to the end.” The maid disappeared after leaving those words.

Rufus did not follow in her footsteps.

A poor aristocrat who was driven out to the battlefield, and a maid from the common people who worked in the princess’s palace.

Nothing connected the relationship between the two. It was just a meeting that passed by like a midsummer night’s dream.

Rufus, who was left alone, stared blankly at the space where she had disappeared.

– Sarubia.

He kept the name in his mouth for a long time.


She’s a strange woman.

He had nothing to say but strange.

A strange, strange, and strange woman.

‘…come to think of it.’

She didn’t ask for his name.

Why didn’t she wonder about Rufus’ name?

With that slightly upsetting thought, a corner of his heart has been stabbed.

The feelings that could not be swept away were rooted there. 

– End of Chapter 1 –

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I made it through CH01! Reward me by reading my rant! (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

Isn’t Rufus cute? Isn’t he a lovely maiden ML? xD Don’t you want to tease him as well? I wish he would forever stay this innocent (damn you puberty!) …

The reason I started to MTL this out of all stories is because it has all the triggering tags I love save for the black-bellied r*ping b*stards that got redeemed loved by MC/FL in the end! I can somehow cope with it if FL/MC falls in love after being re-incarnated and falls in love with another version of the guy (give him some credit, most FL/MCs were idiots before their reincarnation, too!). But I don’t like the alpha-wolf-packs that are plundering the body and mind of FL/MC and still somehow get a happy end (well, someone’s trash do become someone else’s treasure in the end) (¬_¬) If those stories end up in tragedy, I would love them even more (yes, I can sleep well with everyone being unhappy if everyone deserves it lol).

Not trying to tell you that IWTDODBY is perfect (it does have some cliché plot devices that made me roll my eyes) but at least the relationship is real healthy and not forced one sidely until one person caves in. 

If you made it this far reading my rant, you deserve this: ♡♡♡♡


  1. Thank you for your hard work translating!

    Finding this translation was a real pleasant surprise when I was just browsing, and you know what?

    It’s great! I’ve read a lot of stories and by now I can usually guess if a story is going to get good by just its opening chapter.

    This story is going to be great by what I’ve read and I definitely can’t wait to see more!!!

    1. Thank you so much for the pleasant encouragement! I had the same feeling when I first came across this book; enough to start MTL it to share the love ♥️ Now that the new site is up and running, I can concentrate on the story back again! You will see more soon!

  2. Hahaha the fl is so carefree, i wonder whats her story for being the princess’ maid.
    Rufus is so cute! I can imagine him in my head while reading this

  3. My theory is that she is Immortal and was possibly the first Saintess, however she is either, one just casually at the palace, or two under a contract with the royalty of this country.

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