No matter how frank one’s mouth was, she was too severe. To say she was glad someone is about to die soon.

“You are not going to die until the end of the subjugation.”

Rufus’s expression grew worse.

“How do you know that?”

“Well, I just know.”

The maid scratched the back of her head with an uneasy smile.

Rufus stared at her. Was she trying to comfort him?

However, his mind was not eased. It was rather unpleasant.

Has he, as a noble, sunk to a degree that he has to be comforted by the empty words of a maid?

“This isn’t funny. Are you making fun of me?”

He spat out in a thorny tone while looking at the maid.

Then the face of the maid blushed with a sense of insecurity.

“No, I’m not teasing you. I actually…”

She ended up mumbling the last words. The maid hurriedly looked around as if she was afraid someone could hear her.

And the maid, who confirmed that she and Rufus were the only ones in the vicinity, gestured to Rufus:

“Sorry, please lend me your ear.”


Rufus had no choice but to make an impassioned sound. She was no ordinary maid, or was is a maids task to order people around now?

It was so ridiculous that he couldn’t even laugh about it, lest getting angry at her.

“Hurry, it’s a really important story!”

The maid, still holding a broom, stomped with her feet.

Yes, let’s just hear what a great story she has to talk about.

The desperate Rufus bent over towards the maid.

“This is really a secret…”

The maid, who stood on tiptoes, put her lips against Rufus’ ear.

“…but I’m actually a saint.”

A saint?

Her words froze Rufus.

A saint, or a holy woman who causes miracles.

The majority of saints show their abilities from an early age. After that, the saints will enter a prestigious family or be honoured at the temple.

Some even became members of the royal family. The saint was such a noble being, and as far as Rufus knew, the saints occupied high functions.

So, how could he believe that this maid was a saint?

“Are you kidding me?”

“What? No.”

“You’re not a maid, aren’t you? If you were a real saint, why would you be doing this crap? Or are you just claiming to be a saint?”

“I can’t tell you that.”

The maid turned her head.

“Then I won’t believe you either.” Rufus snorted.

The maid seemed a little disappointed with Rufus, who hardly believed her words.

“You’re a very suspicious person. Okay, I’ll show you that I’m a saint.”

The maid finally let go of the broom she was holding and led Rufus by the sleeve.

A little further from Princess Sordid’s palace was a small warehouse, used by the palace workers.

Because Princess Sordid was away from the palace, no one was in the warehouse right now.

“Look carefully.”

The maid, who led Rufus to the back of the warehouse, pulled down her apron. As if that wasn’t enough, she also started to unbutton her outer garments.

“What, what are you doing?!”

Flustered over the maids sudden undressing, Rufus’s face rose in heat.

But the maid showed no sign of blushing.

“You said you couldn’t believe I was a saint. Now, look.”

The maid, who pulled down the upper garment slightly, showed Rufus her shoulder.

The maid’s shoulder was marked with unusual patterns.

‘This is……!’

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Rufus, who had never met a saint, could still recognize it at once.

It was a pattern that he had seen hundreds of times through history books.

The mark of the Saint.

It was a unique token to the saint.

“You’re… a saint.”

Rufus looked at the maid with incredible eyes.

How come?

Why is the saint, who is said to be the most sacred and noble entity in the kingdom, sweeping dust in the royal palace with a broom?

But the maid refused to answer the question.

“I told you from the beginning that I am a saint. How good would it be if you believed me in the first place? I wouldn’t have to take my clothes off then.”

The maid grumbled and began dressing up again.

But Rufus was unable to hear her remarks properly.

“What about your magic?”


“What is the unique magic you use? What ability do you have? What miracle can you cause?”

Rufus rushed to interrogate the maid.

Each saint had a special ability that only she could use.

For example, the ability to turn back time, the ability to destroy everything, or the ability to see through lies absolutely.

This special ability was referred to as the “unique magic” of a saint.

So what is the innate magic of this maid?

Rufus clung to her, thinking that the maid’s natural magic might help him.

The maid grinned.

“I told you, you’re not going to die until the subjugation ends.”


At the maid’s words, Rufus stood upright.

No way.

“…do you have the ability to see the future?”

“Oh, I wish I could know all the future but that’s not it.”

The maid shook her head with a cheerful laugh.

“Predicting the death of people…?”

“I know, it’s very dark, right? But that is my ability. Peeking at a person’s death.”

Examining the face of Rufus, who was as stiff as a dried cloth in the sun, the maid hurriedly added an explanation.

“I’ll prophesy it for you. You are not dying on the battlefield. So relax.”

“Am I… really not going to die?” Rufus stammered.

There seemed to be a beam of light.

He thought he would die after he joined the subjugation army but now this saint has foreseen a totally different future.

He won’t die.

Then, maybe… Rufus swallowed down his uneasiness.1

“Yes, so cheer up. You don’t have to write a suicide note.” The maid said playfully.

Rufus watched her carefully. The maid seemed younger than him, and with her small framed build, she looked like a doll.

Her light hair was as pale as grass, which had just overcome the winter, shining in the wind, and the smile carved on her mouth was warmer than spring.

“……why are you telling me all this?”

Rufus looked straight at the maid who stood before him.

This is the girl he had met for the first time today. They were perfect strangers.

Nevertheless, the maid revealed without hesitation that she was a saint.

The saint gets special treatment. It is a great blessing to be born a saint in the Kingdom of Hevnia. Numerous aristocratic families, temples, and even the royal family were struggling to make the saint their own.

However, even though she was born a saint, she was living as a maid in this low and humble position.

Was there any reason?

He didn’t know why, but he was sure she’s been hiding the fact that she was a saint until now.

But how could she reveal her identity to someone she doesn’t even know? No one knows what humans might do.

Rufus might stab the maid in the back and reveal her identity to win the king’s favour. Or he could kidnap her and sell her to a noble.

Was she stupid or brave?

“Why? Of course, it’s because of you.” The maid smiled at Rufus.

“Because of me?”

“Yes, you’re a precious person to me.”

Precious person?

Rufus tilted his head unconsciously, while the maid shook her head.

“You don’t know yet, do you? But you are the one who will share my destiny.”

“…I don’t understand what you mean.”

“Really? Then you don’t have to understand. You’ll come back to me anyway.”

The maid smiled playfully.

“And for another reason; you had an expression as if you’re going to die!”

“A dying expression…”

“Literally! You weren’t really going to die, but you were looking as if you are about to die.”

Did it look like that? His heart was burning by the thought that he has been caught by her.

“That’s why I told you. When you see someone who’s in pain, it’s natural to help.”

The maid made a beaming smile like a sunflower.


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1 [rant] Just a side note by a poor soul who struggles with MTL. You may have found texts that goes like this: “XY swallowed his dry saliva”. Uhmm… yeah, no! You won’t find this in my MTLs (only as a meme) xD After reading Solo Leveling, I came to hate this sentence – for real, make a drinking game and drink whenever you read someone was swallowing their dry saliva!

It’s literally *Gulp*… so gulping or making that sound. I can’t stand it, so I’ve decided to slightly change it (that’s the curse and blessing of being your own editor). I hope no one minds! I wonder if there are other’s who have seen that phrase and hate it as much as I do ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

Just want to let everyone know. This sentence (마른침을 삼켰다 = Swallowing dry saliva) is literally strewn across Korean novels. The first time I came across it, I thought why someone would swallow a ‘dry needle’ (example: 루퍼스는 마른침을 삼켰다.), and I was like: but why? ⚆ _ ⚆ [/rant over]


    1. YES – In my MTLs “swallow dry saliva..” I was like what is that?!?! thanks for posting those notes!

  1. Thank you. So she can see people’s deaths and know who shares their destinies huh. I hope she has something else too like blowing ppl up(nah wishful thinking)

  2. Yeah, totally dislike that phrase too lol XD Every time I came across that phrase it makes me wonder, how the hell do you swallow dry saliva if it’s dry? @_@? It won’t be long we’ll be having phrases like “swallowing dry air” , “swallowing my tonsils” and etc ~ ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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