In the kingdom of Hevnia, there lived a princess named Sordid. Princess Sordid was a woman beautiful enough to be called an exorbitant treasure.

There was no man who wouldn’t fall for her gorgeous and alluring appearance.

As the princess become of marriageable age, a commotion occurred in the kingdom. Aristocratic young suitors began to fight over the princess, framing and restraining each other.

Fearing a civil war over his daughter, the king declared:

“Whoever wants to marry my daughter Sordid, come to me! I am going to pick the one who will be my son-in-law.”

Thousands of men visited the King of Hevnia, hoping to become the princess’ husband.

Among them was a man named Rufus.

“Your Majesty, please give me her highness, Princess Sordid.”

The king looked down at the man kneeling in front of him.

Rufus Inferna.

Eldest son of the barony Inferna; located on the far edge of the kingdom.

He was 18 years old this year, and it was the first time he has come to the capital. A countryside half-noble whose face hasn’t been seen at social gatherings at least once.

‘He doesn’t even belong to a faction.’

The king laughed inwardly while looking down on the man named Rufus.

Even the noblest families who came to him have already been rejected. In the end, how could he give his precious daughter to a nameless baron?

This guy stood no chance. The king wanted to put him into jail right that instant, but he couldn’t treat a nobleman that way. So the king used a trick.

“Good. Then I will appoint you as the platoon leader of the Asmodian Subjugation Army. Bring me the Devil Audisus’ head, and I will give the Princess to you as a wife.”

Subduing the demons.

Demons often appear on the borders of the kingdom. They often rush into human villages and engage in looting and plundering.

Although there is a difference in the ability of each individual, every person born a noble has magical powers, and thanks to this, they could defeat the demons.

To defeat them, the king has carried out a large-scale operation. So far, numerous soldiers have been pushed to the frontier regardless of gender.

The number of casualties came close to self-destruction. Less than half of those who were brought back were alive. Among them, if the limbs were intact, then another part would be broken.

Rufus, who knew all these facts as his family’s hometown is at the frontier, bites his lips.

‘If I’m going, I will die.’

He was able to predict his fate without difficulty.

Either dead or crippled.

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After completing a short encounter with the king, Rufus walked out.

His face was dark. He didn’t know what to do. The thought of dying made his body shiver in fear.

Should he run away?

He hasn’t officially joined the Subjugation Army yet. The king’s edict will come down soon, but until then, he was a free man.

Rather than being forcibly sent and killed at the Subjugation Army, exile to another country might be a smarter choice.

But running away would aggravate the king’s wrath.

And the sins against the king will be paid for by his family.

Thoughts about his family arise.

His parents died early on, leaving Rufus and his brother behind. Instead of Rufus, who was too young to succeed, his grandmother took care of the family as Baroness Inferna.

However, his grandmother’s health was not very good recently and his younger brother was still young. He wasn’t sure if they could live without Rufus.

When he runs away, his grandmother and younger brother…

‘I can’t escape.’

It was bitter. Despite the despair he felt, Rufus tried to force himself to smile, but his stiff mouth didn’t budge.

Because of his distracted mind, he couldn’t think properly.

Rufus, walking alone in thought, suddenly stopped in front of an exceptionally shimmering palace.

It was the palace of the king’s famous daughter, Princess Sordid.

As the king’s favourite princess, Sordid’s palace was gorgeous.

Rumour has it that the outer walls of the palace were lined with gold and silver powder, and the roof was decorated with all kinds of rare gems.

The splendid palace, decorated with the most precious of the kingdom, was luxury itself. However, the most dazzling among them was neither gold nor precious crystals.

It was Princess Sordid.

There was no jewel as bright as her, who stole the hearts of all young people. Although he has never seen her face, Rufus has heard many rumours about Princess Sordid.

For him, marrying Princess Sordid was not simply about winning a beauty.

Wealth, power and honour.

Princess Sordid was able to give him everything he did not possess.

“Why have you come to Princess Sordid’s palace?”

Rufus was wandering around the princess’s palace-like he was possessed when he heard a soft voice of a maid.

“It’s nothing.”

Rufus, who bluntly replied, again put the palace of Princess Sordid in his eyes.

Was the princess in her room by now?

“The princess is not in the palace right now.”

As if she had read Rufus’ mind, the maid shook her head.

Rufus looked at the maid again. He didn’t ask, but she sounded a little annoyed as she spoke.

However, he was curious about the whereabout of the princess.

“Then, where is the princess now?”

“In the royal garden, meeting with the Prince of the Empire.”

“What brings the Imperial Prince to the kingdom?”

“They are having a conversation. His Majesty is thinking of joining the princess with his highness.”

Upon hearing the maid’s answer, Rufus understood the short and cruel words.

So it’s a marriage conversation, not just a simple talk.

Yes, after all, it wasn’t something that could be overlooked in the end.

A prince belongs to the princess’s side. He was just a nobleman with nothing.

‘I dreamed a vain dream.’

A helpless laugh burst through his lips. He realized just how foolish he was.

With a stroke of young ambition, he dared to covet the princess. As a result, he was now destined to die on the frontlines.

Meanwhile, the maid was watching Rufus.

“You are going to subdue demons.”

“How do you know that?”

“You came to see His Majesty.”


“His Majesty sent all the proposing men he didn’t like to subjugate the demons.”

So he wasn’t the only one.

‘I can’t believe I fell into the king’s trap.’

Rufus shuddered at the thought of it. Rather than turning people down, he would send them to fight the demons.

Was he really going to die?

“I’m glad you are going.”

“What do you mean?”

Rufus frowned at the maid’s remarks.

No matter how frank one’s mouth was, she was too severe. To say she was glad someone is about to die soon.

“You are not going to die until the end of the subjugation.”

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  1. I hope there is a happy ending I did not look at the tags and the upper comments have me scared. Is the saint from the summary the maid then?


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