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After spending time with his grandmother, Rufus went back to his room.


He opened the door, but there was no one inside.

Instead, he could hear the sound of words and laughter coming from the kitchen.

‘What is it?’

He went to the kitchen and saw Sarubia and a familiar backside beside her. It was his brother’s, Edel.

“What are you two doing?”

“Oh, you’re here!” Ethel smiled and greeted Rufus. “I am baking pumpkin pie with sister Ruby.”


“Sister Ruby…?” At that unknown call, Rufus glanced at Ethel.

“It’s my nickname. Pretty, isn’t it?” said Sarubia with a big smile.

“Why vaguely shorten it to the middle part of a name?”

“Why, it’s cute. For your information, I decided to call Sir Edel ‘Vice’ from now on.”

“Why, though?”

“My name is Edelweiss, but everyone calls me Edel for short. Sister Ruby calls me that because the back of my name is cute, too!”

They’ve already gotten so close to each other to give each other nicknames. Sarubia’s good relationship with his brother was certainly a good sight, but somehow he felt a bit bitter.

“What about me.”


“What about my name?”

When asked by Rufus, Sarubia and Edel looked at each other.

“It’s Sir Rufus.”

“You’re just the Rufus type.”

Rufus, who was offended by that simple title, just watched Sarubia and Edel from behind while baking the pie.

“Sister Ruby is really good at making the dough. I envy you.”

Sarubia smiled at Ethel’s praise. “Haha, thank you. You’re good at breaking eggs.”

“But I just accidentally got the eggshell into the dough.”

“It’s okay. It won’t kill if one eats it. It’s better to have a crispy texture in a pie.”

It tickled his heart to see the two people making a pie together. It was peaceful. There was no demon tribe rushing to tear him to death, no disgusting smell of the decaying corpses of his comrades, or the anxiety of the night when he could not sleep at ease.

His beloved person and his family together in a place filled with a savoury fragrance brought a satisfaction that made him smile.

Everything was so perfect, he felt like crying.

“Are you crying?”

Edel, who turned to throw away the scratched pumpkin seeds, was startled. The embarrassed Rufus opened his eyes.

“Oh, no. The pepper powder flew this way.”

“The pumpkin pie doesn’t have pepper powder…”

“Okay, go ahead and bake the pie, you damn kid.”

Rufus turned his embarrassed head. When Sarubia saw that, she burst into laughter.

“Why are you laughing?”

“Just because,” Sarubia began to thump and crush the pumpkin.

About half an hour later, they completed the pumpkin pie. The three went out to the garden with Baroness Inferna, carrying the pie that had been baked golden.

“It’s so delicious.” The baroness, who took a bite of the pie, had a delighted look on her face.

Ethel proudly rushed at the baroness. “I made half of it, Grandma!”

“Oh, our Edel has improved his cooking skills!”

Rufus also took a bite of the pie. At the same time, there was a crunching noise. As he was looking down, he could see a white piece of eggshell.

“…” Rufus picked up the napkin quietly.

“I’m so glad you enjoyed it,” said Sarubia with a smile.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had such a delicious meal. Crops are precious in our Inferna territory, so most crops are eaten with porridge.”

The Inferna territory was a land located on the border where demons frequently haunt. For that reason, there were not many residents originally.

In addition, the soil quality was terrible, so farming could not be done properly, and food was scarce.

While eating the pumpkin pie and having relaxing tea time, a maid approached.

“Sir Rufus, a servant sent by Her Highness the Princess has come.”

‘Why is the princess’ servant suddenly here?’

Rufus, who became annoyed about the hindrance of his enjoyable teatime, went outside with a frown.

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“What’s the matter?”

“Her Highness, Princess Sordid, sent cookies to eat while Sir Rufus is resting in the palace.”

At the same time, the princess’ servant handed over a large gift box.

Inside the box decorated with gold-leaves were various kinds of exquisite cookies so expensive he had never seen in his life before.

“Oh, she recommended that you eat them as soon as possible.” The servant added quietly and peeked at Rufus’ reaction.

“Okay,” Rufus clicked his tongue, tired of the princess’ servant.

He couldn’t believe the princess said such a harsh thing yesterday and sent him a gift without a word of apology. He did not even say thank you to that kind of gift.

“Would you like to have them served right now?”

After the princess’ servant left, a maid asked Rufus, who was about to return to the garden.

“No, I don’t need it.”

They were cookies that looked delicious, but when he heard that it was from the princess, his appetite disappeared.

“Take it and share it with others.”

“What? But how could I take the precious things that the princess gave you…?”

“If you’re afraid of the matter falling into the ear of the princess, take it home secretly and share it with your family. I don’t want to see it anymore,” said Rufus with strong determination.

The maid hesitated for a while but decided to take it in the end.

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“What’s the matter?” asked Baroness Inferna to the returned Rufus.

“It’s nothing.”

“Really? I thought the princess was clinging onto you in a nasty way.”

At Rufus’ bitter smile, the baroness laughed out loud and began indicting the royal family.

“Perfect, the king, that little prick! Every time I sent him a letter asking for some help for the people of the territory, he ignored it like a dog!”

“Now, Grandma! We’re all going to jail if anyone else hears about it!” Ethel turned his head in anxiety. Fortunately, everyone else had already left.

Baron Inferna, who had burst into laughter for a long time, lifted the teacup with a cough. “So, when are you two going to have the ceremony?”

“Yes?” When asked suddenly, Rufus and Sarubia stiffened at the same time. Marriage, all of a sudden?

Sarubia hurriedly opened her mouth: “Well, Baroness… I’m a commoner.”

“So?” returned Baron Inferna. “You don’t want to have a wedding ceremony because of the difference in status? Do you think I’ll let you do such a stupid thing?”

Marriage between the nobles and commoners was not legally impossible in the Hevnian kingdom. However, many people were reluctant to marry with different status because of public view.

Sarubia clenched her fist over her knee. “Do you not oppose it, Baroness?”

“You want me to oppose it?”

“No, not that. It’s just…”

“What could I say when my grandson chose the woman on his own?” Baroness Inferna smiled softly, sipping the tea. “And I’d rather have a ceremony while I’m still alive.”

Rufus and Sarubia could not find a suitable answer to the remark. The remaining time was not long for Baroness Inferna.

“Didn’t you say you put poison in the cookies? Then why is he still alive!” cried the king.

“I don’t think Sir Rufus ate the cookies.” The secretary bowed his head and was embarrassed.

“Why? If you gave me something so expensive and good, I would eat it, why didn’t he!”

They had mixed the cookies with poison and deliberately tricked the princess into saying that it was a gift, looking forward to that stupid man eating the cookies without a doubt.

However, there was no news throughout the day. How dare he refused a gift from the princess, was he insane?!

“Calm down, Your Majesty,” the secretary tried to appease the king with a cold sweat.

“Fortunately, Sir Rufus does not know that Your Majesty is trying to poison him. We still have a chance.”

“Then invite him to dinner right away. In front of me, he wouldn’t dare to skip a meal!”

“If you do so, the people will surely turn their backs on Your Majesty. If you do something wrong, it could lead to a riot.”

“Then tell me, what should I do?”

The secretary quickly opened his mouth. “Didn’t you say you’re having a fireworks festival a few days later?”


After a few days, the victory festival will come to an end. The royal wizards prepared to launch specially crafted fireworks to commemorate the end of the festival.

“On that day, the royal palace is partially open to the outside. The open area at that time includes the vacant lot near the annexe where Sir Rufus stays. Crowds of people will gather nearby, and outsiders will enter and seek chaos inevitably.”

The king, aware of the secretary’s intentions, grinned.

“What a wise idea,” he said with a despicable laugh while looking at the sword he had placed beside his throne.

How dare he threatened the authority of the king. Rufus, that arrogant man who abandoned his famous daughter, and captured the hearts of the people even though he was a boorish noble with nothing to his name.

He will give him a face-to-face treatment and punish him directly.

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[rant] The thing that I like the most is Rufus’ refreshing honesty towards Sarubia. And the thing that ticks me off the most is the amount of dumbness from the royal family. It’s such a clichée. I believe that the best evildoers are those with some background story and a psychological (master)mind (Moriarty!! kyaaaa<3) that is able to make the MC go all out. But there are very few antagonists that fit the bill nowadays. I’m not expecting some Anakin Skywalker trope or so but I couldn’t recall any good antagonists (or those with good character development) lately. There are some honourable mentions, but I feel like most authors shy away from giving antagonists and evil characters any good points – and if they do so, it’s mostly because later the bad guy will defect sides or become a member of the harem LOL If you meet a bad guy that scratches at your heartstrings, he will mostly join the party haha (I say guy because independent evil women are even rarer to find *sob* Don’t give me cannon fodders, give me the real deal! TT^TT) Mali is a maso ehem (◍>◡<◍)♡

On a side note, my own story is up! ♡ Chapter 2 is coming out soon.[/rant]

Ko-Fi ~ 且_(。◕‿‿◕。)ノ゙


  1. Thank you for the update ✨✨❤️
    Geez I just wanna kick the royals outta the novel(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ they’re so annoying!!!
    Poor maid(who took the poisonous cookies),I hope she and her family are safe🥺
    Ooohhh and I’m so grateful that Baroness Inferna approved of Sarubia and Rufus😌✨🙈She passed the vibes check👌cool granny but dear author pls let her live longerಥ‿ಥat least until the wedding

    1. King and Princess are trying to murder someone who survived for so many years in demon war. They are digging their own grave.

    1. Oh dear, spoilers are bad *haha

      I’ve only read the first book so I won’t lose interest (told myself I’m only allowed to read book 2 once I’ve translated up to the last chapter of the 1st book) 😀

  2. no estoy de acuerdo con el traductor me parece que el el personaje del rey y la princesa es muy realista recuerden el rey y la realeza en al edad medio no tenían sentido de logro o pertenecía se consideraban seres superior y que era su derechez legitimo gobernar sobretodo
    dieron todo por sentado por eso no eran inteligentes en particular no había necesidad de pensar o planear jamas enfrento una dificultad y obtuvo todo lo que quino con pedirlo incluso si recibió la mejor educación por ser de la reales hay un limite para el crecimiento solo con teoría para crecer se necesaria experiencias amargas y derrotas seria raro y poco realista que fuera inteligente (ademas si fuera capas no estaría en peligro de que se revelara el pueblo)

    1. I think the both of us are right. Royals can be quite ruthless and dumb during the peaceful times. They are wilful and think they are beyond and above everyone else… but I still think that there must be some more ‘slickness’ and some kind of thinking involved, even with those royals, right? They have, unlike the common people, some kind of teachings. And at least they grew up in a place where between themselves (for example the sons) there must be a least some little kind of rivalry. The dumb dies. And the shrewd ones survive. I would expect for at least some royals to have some brains. I don’t expect it from a royal princess like Sordid – since she’s the only sweetheart of the kingdom and was spoiled rotten obviously. But I expected some kind of shrewdness from the king. But maybe there is hope in the ongoing books, when the second and first princes arrive 🙂 the king is indeed canon fodder.

  3. …lol these villains are so cartoonish xD But I hope our little family stays safe >.<
    As a side note, the pacing seems pretty fast lol. This makes me nervous considering we're only at the 1st volume…

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