Rufus returned to the palace where he was staying with Sarubia. 

“Brother!” Edel rushed out at the sound of his return. 

The young man blushed as he saw Sarubia who stood next to Rufus. “Oh, hello, maid-sister!” 1  

Sarubia laughed. “Hello, cute young master. I see you again today.” 

“Ehh, cute young master…” Edel’s mouth twitched as if it was about to convulse. He wanted to vent his happiness right away, but he couldn’t do it in front of his brother and was desperately holding back. 

“Put that silly grin away.” Rufus gave a half-baked look at him and held Sarubia’s hand tighter. He thought he was also cute when he was that age. 

“What about Grandma?” 

“I’m here.” A calm voice came from behind Edel. Baroness Inferna, wearing a stole, stood there. 

“Rufus, didn’t you went to meet Her Highness, Princess Sordid?” Baron Inferna asked with a slight cough. 

“I am already on my way back.” 

“Really? You were alone when you went out, so where did you get this pretty lady from?” 

“I’m called Sarubia, Baroness.” Sarubia, who had slipped out of Rufus’ hand, greeted her with courtesy. 

“I came the other day, but I couldn’t greet you because the time wasn’t right.”

“I see, so you’re Rufus’ lover. If my grandson makes it hard for you, you can tell me right away.”

Lo-ver… a lover… 

Upon hearing that, Rufus almost had a coughing fit. “No… not yet…”

“What is not yet? And from now on, you guys should close the windows.”


Rufus looked dazedly at his grandma’s words. At the same time, yesterdays events came to his mind—the time they were immersed in hugging and indulging in each other. Sarubia’s ears were red with the same thoughts. 

Edel happily asked: “What are you talking about?” 


“…Edel, you don’t have to know.” 

Trying to change the topic, Rufus walked towards his grandmother. 

“Grandma, let’s go back to Inferna now.” 

She was about to die. Yesterday Sarubia prophesied that grandma would die in a week’s time and the prophecy of death could never be changed. There were only six days left. There was no more time to waste. 

At Rufus’s words, Baron Inferna’s eyebrows curled into an arc. 

“What do you mean by going back? The festival celebrating your return is not over yet.”

Then Baroness Inferna turned her head out of the window. She could see the streets of the capital, where large velvet flags were fluttering brilliantly. Every flag had a red flame symbol on it – the insignia of the house of Inferna. 

“What’s the rush? It’s not an occasion that comes twice in a lifetime. Let’s have a good time and go back then.” Baron Inferna laughed and tapped Rufus on the shoulder. 

“Yes, brother. You said there is a banquet tomorrow night, too. And there’s a fireworks festival a few days later.” Edel added. “There’s a lot of fun in the capital city. Let’s play a little more.” 

“But…!” Rufus swallowed back the words that almost escaped. He couldn’t say anything. How could he ever say, “Grandmother will die soon?” 

He just wanted to get his luggage and get out of the palace as planned. The Inferna estate was located in the countryside, where it took three full days by carriage. Although three days on the road would be a waste of precious time, Rufus certainly wanted to go back home. 

He wanted to make sure that his grandmother was able to spend her remaining days at the Inferna estate where she devoted her life, blood and sweat. 

Rufus tried to persuade his grandmother and brother for a long time. Still, the two people, who knew nothing of the imminent future, did not listen to Rufus. 

“Why do you keep trying to go back home, Rufus?” 

“You are not feeling well right now. It would be better to go home and rest.” 

“These useless worries. I took a day off yesterday, and everything is fine. I am fine.” 


“Stop.” Baron Inferna solemnly cut off Rufus’ words. “You talk a lot, Rufus. I am still the head of the Inferna family. Are you going to disobey the words of the lord?” 

Then she put her hand on the handle of the sword, which was tied to her waist. 

“If you have objections, raise your sword.”


When Rufus saw his grandmother’s stiff face, he soon shut up. Raised by his grandmother’s hands, Rufus knew her stubborn character too well. 

She inherited the title of his late grandfather, Baron Inferna. 

At that time, many residents were dissatisfied that a woman inherited the title and ruled the land. There were many displeased among the other lords, too. 

To put those people to rest, she lived more stubbornly and more repressed than anyone else. 

Baroness Inferna was a woman who was full of energy; stronger and bolder than anyone else. If she had been a little younger and stronger, she would have been a match for the king. 

“Are you frightened? Though I am old, my sword skills have not rusted.” Baroness Inferna smiled and looked at her grandson. 

“…how dare I deal with my grandmother.” Rufus bowed his head gently. He didn’t want to make his grandmother tired by fighting for nothing. 

“…” Sarubia took Rufus’ trembling hand.

Now, there were six days left. 

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 “What the hell is he! Get him out of the palace right now!” Princess Sordid screamed sharply. 

The king shed a cold sweat to appease his angry daughter.

“I understand your heart well, Sordid, but…”

“What do you know! Do you know how rude he was to me?” 

Princess Sordid, who was abandoned by Rufus, strode to the king as soon as the man had left. 

“I can’t believe he ran out in front of so many people, holding that maid’s hand! How could he be so rude!” 

Apparently, Rufus fell in love with the princess’ maid. So it seems that he was planning to give up his marriage to the princess and take the maid back to the Inferna estate. 

‘What a bastard.’  

The king, who had calmed down the princess and sent her away, plunged on his throne. 

The man named Rufus must be out of his mind. 

How could he choose a maid over a beautiful princess; a maid from a commoner background with no status?

It was something that the people of the whole country would laugh at. Sordid was already a princess who had a lot of backbiting three years ago when her marriage with the imperial prince broke down. 

But now the princess has been robbed of the hero who saved the country by a maid. What will happen to the status of the royal family if rumours spread that the hero, who is revered by the entire nation, abandoned the princess? 

There was no deeper floor to fall through.

The king closed his eyes tightly, pressing down on his throbbing temples. Up until yesterday, the problem was Rufus’ attempt to marry the princess. Now it was his refusal to marry the princess that proved to be troublesome. 

‘What am I supposed to do?’

“Your Majesty, I have something to tell you.” One of the king’s secretaries spoke carefully. 

“What is it?” 

“There has been a lot of public outcry about the royal family recently. I’m very concerned that this will lead to a rebellion.” 

Rebellion! At the words, the king struck the throne with his fist.

“Which careless snout dare talk about such a thing! Are you kidding? Hah! Rebellion!” 

“It’s surprising, but it is said that there are many stories from the common populace that are against the royal family.” The secretary calmly continued.

“It is true that many young people have been killed during the last three years of war. And, among some people, it is said that there is a demand to make Sir Rufus king.” 

“What? What!” said the king, white in shock. 

Certainly, he had not been able to properly examine public sentiment while scoring goals about Princess Sordid’s marriage. He couldn’t believe they were even talking about it. 

“That bastard! Put Rufus in jail right now!” The king was quivering in anger. 

They are willing to put an insignificant baron family’s son on the throne – how little do they think of the royal family?  

“But now the people admire Sir Rufus as a hero. If you’re too severe, you’ll only stir up public sentiment.” 

“Then what do you suggest? You want me to keep Rufus like this?”

“No, you must get rid of Sir Rufus so that there is no contender for the throne. But you have to be on the lookout for the right opportunity.” 

The secretary smiled wickedly. “Your Majesty, you can secretly strike Sir Rufus so that no one doubts you.” 

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  1. He called her maid-누나 (nuna), elder sister. It’s how boys call their elder sister or a close elder female friend.


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