For now, the chapters are brief summarizations, which means I am NOT TRANSLATING it chapter by chapter. So, let’s watch these as very detailed spoilers.
 Okay…. let’s say they are roughly translated, and I take no responsibility if the actual meaning is slurred, mismatched, or misses some context as I edit them to my personal taste and understanding… The chapters may contain my personal notes or additional feedback for later as I am writing them as I read. I am doing this primarily for myself to keep track of the story, and I decided to make it pretty and share it with whoever is interested. Changes and revisions might occur if the later story is revealed. If I have time, I might start to translate it bit by bit. Everyone who is interested might pick it up though – you are very much welcome to do so! But I won’t stop my spoilers – at least as long as I am interested in the story. I do need my time though, so please don’t ask when the next passage will be out – I simply don’t know! I’m busy trying not to die on a daily basis.

As you might have noticed, I am a sucker for sad stories, villainess stories, and tragedies altogether. When I stumbled upon IWTDODBY, I kinda felt my tragedy-antenna tingling (just look at the title lol), so I dug deeper into it. I have no deep knowledge of what is to come, but my expectations run deep with this one as I get to see a rough summarize of what is to happen *cough*

I also really like the ML, Rufus, at the beginning of the story. I have a good impression of him (he is devoted to the FL, there is no misunderstanding between them when he falls for her rather early on)! It is also refreshing to have his POV while (the female lead) Sarubia’s thoughts are unknown most of the time to the reader during the first chapters. His love is also reciprocated by Sarubia, and they treasure each other. In other words; their relationship is healthy from what I see. Honestly, I am fed up with MLs berating/raping/imprisoning their love interests. Those stories were more like depictions of Stockholm Syndrome. I still read them but I am angry most of the time!

Rufus is very innocent at first and will blacken as the story unfold, but he is always good and lovely towards Sarubia 🙂 His love becomes kinda obsessive though. I haven’t seen it unfold yet, so I cannot tell what kind of crazy he is. BTW he is a family man through and through. And he shows a good variation of emotions in front of Sarubia.

And Sarubia… is still a mystery to me! She comes off as confident, cheeky, and outspoken. She isn’t shy to express her thoughts or emotions. As they first met, she is the one making Rufus blush 😀 She becomes his strength, the entity that keeps him alive through three years of war. More than just love he mentally depended on her (his feelings grow when they meet again). Since I haven’t gotten to her POV yet, there isn’t much I can say about her apart from what Rufus thinks about her – and man, the poor guy loves her, so I love her too.


  1. I’m a sucker for sad, villain and tragedies stooorrryyyy. Idk why I keep torturing myself with this kind of story but I love it 😍 Thank you for sharing your translation and hope to hear more from you soon! Please take care and don’t overwork yourself 😁

  2. Hi, will you still continue with the translation?

    I’m still waiting for updates because the story is interesting.

    1. I am still working on it =) The next chapter is almost done =) I was sadly a little bit occupied these days with private matters. I won’t drop this. Thank you for your understanding! <3

      1. I’m glad to know this, I’ve started reading it today and I’m already very excited to know how it will unfold! Thank you so much for sharing your translation!

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