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The servants and knights poured water and struggled, but they couldn’t lower the momentum of the fire. 

The whole place was in chaos. People were screaming to avoid the fire, some were hit and fell, and those who have died were silent. 

Rufus held Baroness Inferna tightly. She inhaled a lot of smoke on the way to this place where the fire had not spread yet and was in bad condition. 

Was this the way his grandmother would die? 

“Brother, what do we do now?” Edel held Sarubias hand tightly and was shivering. 

“Whatever it takes.” Breathing out the acrid smoke, Rufus clenched his teeth. 

“You have to live.” By saying that, Rufus held Baroness Inferna even harder. 

It was then, “Ah, please don’t!” 

“Save me!” The screams of those who have gathered because of the fire were heard.

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