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HTRH CH02 – Before We Met

My publishing name was Yve Ackler. It sounded like ‘EverAfter’, my online pen name which I used during my high school years.

My real name… doesn’t matter greatly, there wasn’t much to say about the person behind that name.

As a child, I would often daydream myself into different worlds, imagine a world outside of my own that was waiting for me; a place where I belonged. And when I started to learn how to read and write, I would emerge myself not only into my own worlds but also into the world of others. Whichever book that I could get a hold of, I would read. I did the least necessary for school and spent every free second left with books or online novels as if possessed.

My only social contact was among similar-minded people online. One could assume that I don’t have many friends that way within the school grounds, but that never held any significance to me. The world inside of books was much better than reality anyway. The people within would make me laugh, would make me cry, they would take me on joyful journeys. I went on endless adventures and through a multitude of sad or hilarious love stories with them. Not every ride was smooth. Nonetheless, no one would blame me, the reader.

It all changed when I decided to pick up the pen.

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