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How long did he walk like that? The place where Rufus arrived was Sarubia’s tomb. Sarubia’s body has been laid to rest behind the royal palace. 

It was as well-cultivated as the royal tomb. How funny. Rufus had promised her that he would decorate a beautiful room in the mansion for her, but he didn’t know that it would happen this way. 

He looked at Sarubia’s tombstone without saying a word for a while. 

Sarubia – without her, it was like hell. 

Even when he saw beautiful things, his eyes keep getting blurred. It was not pleasant to receive the praise of the people. Even the throne, which everyone looks up to, is so lonely. 

Sarubia. Without her, it was really… 

Late into the night, it started to rain. Cold raindrops broke through Rufus’ silk robes and took away the last bit of warmth. Good. It would be good to catch some kind of deadly flu like this. It would be okay if he never got up from his bed again. But Rufus was the king. The people won’t let the king die just like that.

Then he’d rather… Rufus raised his hand over his sword that he had put down on the ground. A sword stained with the blood of demons and humans. It was a cursed sword that ate countless lives. This sword has accompanied him through a hellish battlefield, so it wouldn’t be bad to end it with this sword. Rufus slowly pulled the sword out of the scabbard. It was then.

‘Don’t cry.’ A whisper came through the raindrops. 

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