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Chapter 5. The story of the illegitimate child Iroel and the witch Orth 

Rufus returned to the Inferna estate and prepared to join the subjugation army. Demons mainly appeared on the outskirts of the kingdom. The subjugation forces applied all their firepower to get rid of the demons.

But now that he thought about it, it was the wrong strategy. The demon king was leading the legion. You have to hit the demon king, their leader, not the junk, to stop the war.

The Demon King was well aware that humans had raised an army to capture the demon tribe. So he cleverly hid while he was leading the demons.

In his previous life, Rufus could only catch the demon king after chasing him for three years. The demons were clever and intelligent. They totally toyed with humans.

Three years.

This was the time Rufus wasted trying to catch the Demon King. And he couldn’t afford it anymore. To hunt the Demon King, thorough preparation was required.

“Master Dean,” Rufus found Master Dean, Baron Inferna’s physician and the only medic in the territory.

“What’s going on, Master Rufus?” Master1 Dean, grinding herbs for distribution to the estate’s residents, got up.

“I have come to ask for a prescription.”

“Ah, you mentioned you are going to the battlefield against demons. Then, all the medicines that can check the wounds…”

“Not that. Carosis.” Rufus interrupted Dean’s words.

“Hm? Carosis?”

Carosis was a deadly poison. People who take Carosis slowly die from gradual clotting of blood. The colourless and odourless Carosis was called the poison of poisons in the kingdom of Hevnia.

Why does the Master require Carosis?

At that moment, the doctor worried whether Rufus, who was about to join the subjugation army, had a weak heart.

“It’s not for me,” Rufus said. “also, add me an antidote.”

“Yes, I understand.” Dean, whose mind was put at ease, followed Rufus’ orders and gave him the poison and antidote.

“By the way, where are you going to use Carosis?”

“To kick a nasty bastard.”

“Yes? Ah, the Demon King?”

“Not the Demon King, but someone similar to him.” Rufus left Doctor Dean with those vague words behind.

He had few things to bring. The baron’s family had nothing but rusted and battered iron armour. It was a piece of junk that was only heavy and had no efficiency.

“Aren’t you wearing armour?” The concerned butler serving the Inferna family asked Rufus.

“What do you think the purpose of armour is?”

“It is to block the enemy’s attack.”

“Yes. Then, as long as you don’t get attacked, it’s okay.”

“Master, you seem to take the battlefield too easily. You need to prepare more carefully…” The butler spoke carefully.

At that advice, Rufus grinned. He remembered his past, rolling on the battlefield as the king’s dog.

Three long years…

He met a lot of demons. Rufus knew better than anyone how they rip people to shreds and bite them with their teeth. The battlefield has been Rufus’ hellish dwelling.

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With his light luggage, Rufus stood in front of his family and servants.

“Rufus.” Baroness Inferna took a step towards Rufus.

“Take this.” She held out a sword. It was a uniquely shaped sword that only the ancestral heirs of the barony Inferna could use.

A sword covered in silver, with the tip of the sword split like a flame.

Seeing it, his heart sank. Memories of his past life came to mind once again. With this sword, the demon Audisus was beheaded. He killed Crown Prince Birren and the two other princes. And finally stabbed Princess Sordid.

“Go and behead the Demon King. You can do it.”

“…” Rufus grabbed the sword that Baroness Inferna had handed to him.

This time, there will be no bloodshed in vain. He will cut off the devil’s head and remove all obstacles. And finally, he will return to the Inferna estate with Sarubia to spend the rest of his life with her.

“When are you coming back?” His little brother Edel asked, pulling Rufus’ hem. His eyes were swollen from crying all night while holding onto his grandmother. 

Rufus knelt down in front of Edel. “Don’t be too sad because I will be back soon.”

“You won’t die, will you? Are you sure you will come back alive?”

“Yes. So, study hard.”

“I usually study hard.”

“Don’t lie to me. You review all the arithmetic books I gave you until I am back. I’ll come and check it out.”

Edel sprinted towards his grandmother, feeling a bit refreshed by Rufus’s usual scolding.

‘Silly boy.’ Rufus, biting his tongue, bowed once more to Baroness Inferna.

“I will go.”

“Go.” Baron Inferna, with her arms crossed, nodded her head humbly.

The servants of the barony, who stood behind her, gave silent tribute towards Rufus as he walked away.

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I am changing the way I translate from now on in hope I can do it faster, with a regular schedule! This chapter is short, because this is a good point to cut the chapter off… I will come back with another chapter soon (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧♡♡♡

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  1. They said Sensei, but I changed it to Master to help the flow of reading – as I’ve changed all Korean honorifics this far.


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