‘I never thought I’d get the real Devil’s head.’ 

The king looked down at the head of King Audisus, whom Rufus had brought to him. 

The king clearly remembered that man named Rufus. 

He couldn’t have forgotten him. How could he forget the man proposing to Princess Sordid, who had a low position even as the head of the family and was insignificant? 

So he deliberately sent Rufus out to the demon subjugation army. Even if he didn’t die, he would have become a waste and be ruined. 

But now, it wasn’t enough to come back alive like this, that man brought the devil’s head as well. He couldn’t believe it. 

The king remembered what the people said at the festival. 

‘His Majesty the King clearly said that he would marry the one who brought the demon king’s head to Princess Sordid, right?’

‘Then the hero Rufus will marry Princess Sordid!’ 

Three years ago, the Imperial prince, who initially promised to marry Princess Sordid, revolted and fled, and the marriage had to be cancelled. 

The king was in a hurry to find a better match for his daughter, who had her engagement broken. But no one proposed to Princess Sordid anymore. 

This was because it has been a long time since rumours spread that the king dragged suitors away to the subjugation army.

For three years, the princess had to live alone without a fiancé. 

‘Now I have to give my precious daughter to that nobleman,’ the king gnawed his teeth. 

Rufus’ hometown was the Inferna territory. 

Wasn’t it a barren wasteland that was stuck in the most remote corner of the kingdom? In addition, he came from an inglorious baron family.

He was an orphan; a man who never knew his parents. 

And Baroness Inferna, who was known for her eccentricity – Rufus grew up under that damn old woman. 

“Not enough that he was poor and had no family, the only one he could rely on was his old grandmother whom he grew up under.” Just the thought of it made him angry. 

What on earth was it that his precious daughter, Princess Sordid, should marry such a man? 

Why didn’t he die? 

It was as soon as he had ordered the royal wizards to clear the demon king’s head, and pressing down on his throbbing head,

“Father!” The door of the office burst open with a bang. 

“Oh, Sordid!” It was Princess Sordid who violently broke into the king’s office. 

“Daddy, am I supposed to marry the man named Rufus?” cried the princess, who clung to the king. 

“Do you know what other young nobles say to me? They’re laughing at me because I’m marrying a baron family’s country bumpkin! It’s all your fault!”1 Sordid shouted back. 

“You declared you’d give me as wife to the man who kills the devil! What are you going to do now!” Sordid burst into tears. 

She seemed to be unhappy with her marriage to Rufus. The king was upset when he saw the distorted face of his beloved daughter. 

“No, Sordid. If you don’t want to, I’ll try to stop him somehow.”

“What are you going to do? Everyone in this country knows that I have to marry a hillbilly named Rufus! But what would be the honour of our royal family if we suddenly refuse to marry?” 

It certainly was. 

Three years ago, the king clearly offered to give his daughter to the man who killed the demon king in front of all the people. 

He couldn’t take back that promise now. Not only would the royal status be falling, but it was also a statement that could amplify the grievances of the people.

It has been a long and bloody war. Countless young people have been sacrificed over the past three years, and many families have lost their precious ones. To them, Rufus was a saviour with a meteoric rise. 

It was clear that the people would turn their backs from the royal family if they refused to marry the princess to such a Rufus.

How should he deal with it? The king was in great distress. There was no immediate solution. 

“Sordid, let your father thinks a little more about this…” 

“Right now! I really hate him! I’d rather die than marry such a country bumpkin!”

The princess ran out of the office with a shriek. 

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Back in the room, the princess screamed and threw objects. Expensive pots came crashing down, and plates and porcelains broke into pieces. 

“Where’s the maid?!” cried the princess. 

“Who, who do you mean?”

“You know, the maid with that ivory hair! That bitch with an unpleasant smile!” 

The head maid was in dismay. The maid the princess was looking for was probably a maid named Sarubia. 

Princess Sordid had a bad character, unlike her beautiful appearance. She couldn’t suppress her fleeting temper and often hit her subordinates.

The princess’ violent temper has worsened since her marriage to the imperial prince was broken. 

What the princess saw at that time was a maid named Sarubia. The princess hated Sarubia, who walked around with a smile every day. 

The reason was that the humble maid seemed happier than she, the princess, was. So whenever the princess got angry, she called for Sarubia and beat her. 

“She has been on an errand for a while.” 

The head maid, who could not say she had gone out at the call of the Hero Rufus, found an excuse. 

“What? Are you saying that bitch is running around freely as she pleases?”

“… I’m sorry.” 

“If you know you’re sorry, you do it instead for me!” 

The princess gleamed and raised the whip at the maid. 

The maid approached the princess with a shiver. 

The princess hit the head maid’s back hard with a crackling sound.2 

The maid, unable to bear the blow, staggered. In the meantime, she bit her lips tightly. If she couldn’t stand it and groan here, the princess would only get angrier. 

The princess did not stop beating until the maid could not stand properly.

“Princess, please stop being angry.” 

The princess had been venting her anger for so long, and a relaxed voice came from behind. It was the princess’ nanny. 

“Do I look like I’m not angry now? I, the most beautiful and noble in this kingdom, have to marry a hillbilly just because he killed one devil!” 

“Even though he is of humble birth, he is the hero of our country.” The nanny patiently consoled the princess. 

“Even the nanny is on his side? I’ll never marry a guy like that who I don’t even know where he’s rolled from!”

“But since His Majesty the King, has already said it, we can’t stop the marriage.” 

“Then what do we do? What am I supposed to do?” 

The shouting princess started crying whether it was fair to her.

The nanny sighed. 

“Princess, what you need to do now is not to cry.”

“Then what? Marry him and go to the Inferna territory and get ready to rot away?”

“Listen carefully. Although His Majesty the King, ordered Sir Rufus, who killed the demon king, to marry the princess, it will be Sir Rufus who will make the final choice.” The nanny spoke calmly. 

“If Your Highness can persuade Sir Rufus well, this marriage will never happen. So get ready to meet Sir Rufus.”

“That’s nonsense! If he sees a beautiful woman like me, he’ll rush to get married right away!” 

“Please make a good excuse then. It’s not been long since the war ended, so you’d like to get married when things get better. And afterwards, based on the atmosphere, you can break up the engagement.”

At the nanny’s words, the princess raised her head. It was a piece of ear-catching advice. 

“Will he listen to me?” 

“There’s no one who wouldn’t listen to a beautiful princess like you.” 

The nanny comforted the princess. 

“I will send someone to invite him to the princess’ palace.”

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[rant]Had to post this really fast before going to work… If there is anything to edit, I will do it later 🙂

I felt triggered every time I read about Stupid King and his children.

The whole royal family is hateful and they are so typical villains (stupid and so predictable). It’s like someone created them to solely fulfil the role of taking Aggro and being hated on lol This is one of the things I don’t like – having enemies being so obliviously stupid they weren’t even given a name (I still don’t know the name of the king). Stupid villains are the true cannon fodders of Asian novels LOL Let’s lit a candle for the Royal Family of Hevnia.

Thank you so much for reading! I enjoy all of your comments and I have to hold back very much as to not spoil you guys in the comment section! xD[/rant]

The more you know...

  1. Sordid is very rude here. She used 촌놈, which means country bumpkin; 촌 means countryside 놈 and literally ‘jerk’ or ‘son of a *****’. It’s a very degrading word. Don’t be a Sordid, don’t degrade or judge people by their origin.
  2. The novel is using onomatopoeias (sound words). And I’ve not been translating them but weave them into the sentence like this. I know Asian novels use these tenderly. 

    For example: 짜악-! 공주는 하녀장의 등을 회초리로 세게 내려쳤다. 

    짜악-! Is presumably the sound of a whip (Jaak-! -> something like swoosh or swish). I exchanged it with ‘a crackling sound’. I know English has sound words as well. Still, for the serious theme of the story and my personal egoistic preferences, I will omit them as much as possible. I’m sorry to the author and the readers if I changed the original novel and offend you in any way, but I’ve been quite bold and free with the translations all the while. Just to let you know.


  1. Please update soon so I can see that snobby princess’s pride get smashed to bits when our boy rejects her evil self!


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