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Chapter 3 – King Rufus’ Story

Sarubia was dead. 

Everything changed dramatically with her death. 

The king lost his life, and the throne was empty. The foundations of the country began to shake. 

The people have been told that the king tried to kill Rufus. They also learned that innocent people have been sacrificed in the process. 

In response, Crown Prince Birren1 urgently tried to calm the situation. 

He ordered the death penalty for Rufus and Baron Inferna and tried to ascend himself to the throne, but the people had long turned their backs on the royal family. 

The people were indignant and they had no intention of suppressing their filled up to the brim resentment. 

The end of the kingdom was already set in stone as the prince raised the crown over his head – the people have abandoned him. 

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