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Chapter 4. The Story of Platoon Leader Rufus

“…Then I will appoint you as the platoon leader of the Asmodian Subjugation Army.”

Someone’s voice could be heard.

“Bring me the Devil Audisus’ head, and I will give the Princess to you as a wife.”

It was the king, wearing a purple robe, while he sat on his throne, stroking his beard.

Rufus raised his head and stared blankly at the king, who was still alive. The king, killed by Baroness Inferna, was alive and well.

This was really…

“What are you staring at? You can step back now.” The king waved his hand, expressing his blatant displeasure. Rufus, roused by this, raised himself.

As he stepped outside after a brief encounter with the king, the soldier standing sentry bluntly said: “The way out is over there.”

“…” Rufus watched the royal soldier silently.

“What business do you still have?”

“The Demon King Audisus.”


“Where is the Demon King?”

“How would I know that? The extermination force has just been dispatched.” The soldier muttered in displeasure. He seemed offended by the question.

That’s right. The Demon King was still alive.

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How long did he walk like that? The place where Rufus arrived was Sarubia’s tomb. Sarubia’s body has been laid to rest behind the royal palace. 

It was as well-cultivated as the royal tomb. How funny. Rufus had promised her that he would decorate a beautiful room in the mansion for her, but he didn’t know that it would happen this way. 

He looked at Sarubia’s tombstone without saying a word for a while. 

Sarubia – without her, it was like hell. 

Even when he saw beautiful things, his eyes keep getting blurred. It was not pleasant to receive the praise of the people. Even the throne, which everyone looks up to, is so lonely. 

Sarubia. Without her, it was really… 

Late into the night, it started to rain. Cold raindrops broke through Rufus’ silk robes and took away the last bit of warmth. Good. It would be good to catch some kind of deadly flu like this. It would be okay if he never got up from his bed again. But Rufus was the king. The people won’t let the king die just like that.

Then he’d rather… Rufus raised his hand over his sword that he had put down on the ground. A sword stained with the blood of demons and humans. It was a cursed sword that ate countless lives. This sword has accompanied him through a hellish battlefield, so it wouldn’t be bad to end it with this sword. Rufus slowly pulled the sword out of the scabbard. It was then.

‘Don’t cry.’ A whisper came through the raindrops. 

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Chapter 3 – King Rufus’ Story

Sarubia was dead. 

Everything changed dramatically with her death. 

The king lost his life, and the throne was empty. The foundations of the country began to shake. 

The people have been told that the king tried to kill Rufus. They also learned that innocent people have been sacrificed in the process. 

In response, Crown Prince Birren1 urgently tried to calm the situation. 

He ordered the death penalty for Rufus and Baron Inferna and tried to ascend himself to the throne, but the people had long turned their backs on the royal family. 

The people were indignant and they had no intention of suppressing their filled up to the brim resentment. 

The end of the kingdom was already set in stone as the prince raised the crown over his head – the people have abandoned him. 

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HTRH CH03 – Thank you… Papa.

After another day of rest, I still woke up in that foreign body.

This time, I was much calmer than last time. To my surprise, fainting two times in a row must have scared the Rubin household witlessly, because an angelic woman was attending to me personally with worried eyes. Thought it felt like we met for the first time, I knew well who she was.

“Mother…?” I asked in a small, trembling voice.

“How do you feel, my dear?” A delicate hand had reached out to me and caressed my head with tender care. Her voice was as melodious as a songbird’s.

“I’m fine, mother.” I gave her a reassuring smile.

Strange, I thought it would be much harder to call her mother, but after our memories have merged, Duchess Rubin’s touch didn’t feel uncomfortable. I even felt the longing to press my head against her hand to receive more of that familiar warmth.

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The servants and knights poured water and struggled, but they couldn’t lower the momentum of the fire. 

The whole place was in chaos. People were screaming to avoid the fire, some were hit and fell, and those who have died were silent. 

Rufus held Baroness Inferna tightly. She inhaled a lot of smoke on the way to this place where the fire had not spread yet and was in bad condition. 

Was this the way his grandmother would die? 

“Brother, what do we do now?” Edel held Sarubias hand tightly and was shivering. 

“Whatever it takes.” Breathing out the acrid smoke, Rufus clenched his teeth. 

“You have to live.” By saying that, Rufus held Baroness Inferna even harder. 

It was then, “Ah, please don’t!” 

“Save me!” The screams of those who have gathered because of the fire were heard.

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